My Thoughts on the Intro to Web Publishing Class

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Describe your experience with Dreamweaver (easy, hard, frustrating, etc.)….why do you feel this way?…what was working for you and what wasn’t?

-I think the term that best fits how I feel about using Dreamweaver is….mind-numbingly frustrating and difficult. I’m not an idiot, mind you, but I really didn’t comprehend how difficult and complex Dreamweaver was until I actually started building the site.  At certain points, I thought I had figured out to do something, only to see it end up disastrously in the browser preview. I found it pretty easy to actually put text and pictures on the page; the problem was putting it where I wanted to put it, which is something I still haven’t figured out. I also had a great amount of difficulty trying to implement a spry menu in my sidebar, because the menu would always get messed up, whether it was being cut off by the content part, or the lines separating the different parts of the menu just magically disappeared, it was a mess.

What do you foresee for the future of this site? Will it be used? Will you get your own domain? Do you plan on purchasing server space for hosting?

-I don’t see this site going any farther than this for a couple of reasons. One, I’m terrible at using the Dreamweaver software, so unless I got someone to design it for me, I would never be able to make a presentable website. The other reason is that I’m not really passionate about the website. I mean, it was a fun idea, but I don’t think I would ever put the time or effort into the site that would truly be needed.

Was creating a website harder than expected for you?

Exponentially harder than I could have ever possibly imagined. This is probably the most difficult thing I’ve had to do since I’ve been at UB. Working with CSS and code is a nightmare. Honestly, if I had known building a website in Dreamweaver would be this hard, I probably would have never taken the class.
These are the different pages of my websites



Film Review

By You: Photoshop

Email Form

As I Begin My Site

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For my Intro to Web Publishing course, I’ve begun to work on my website.

My site will be called “Your Movie is So Seltzer and Friedberg” and it is a website dedicated to terrible movies of any kind. It will feature news about movies that look terrible, reviews of movies that were terrible, special sections on terrible directors, etc. This site will not be tame, and will feature vulgarity and some rauchiness. The site’s target audience will probably be men from ages 18-35 because this site really wouldn’t appeal to any other age/gender group.

I hope to achieve a couple of things with this website. One is for creating a forum where people can truly vent about all the terrible movies that have come out recently. The other is to hopefully showcase how terrible Aaron Seltzer and Jason Friedberg are at directing movies. I named this site after them, because their movies are literally some of the worst things to exist. Ever.

My Experience with Gliffy

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So for this week’s Intro to Web Publishing assignment, we had to use the website “Gliffy”. One of the features of the website is creating site maps, which will be an integral part of our eventual websites.

This has been my first experience with Gliffy, and to be honest, I had a little difficult with it at first, in regards to linking the different boxes to each other, setting up the lines correctly, and putting different things on it. I can’t say I’ve mastered it any way, and to be honest, I have no idea if I would use it in any capacity outside of this class in the near future. I suppose I will learn more about it as I get more comfortable with it.

The website I am creating is dedicated to movies that suck, and the site map attached reflects the different aspects of it.

My Google Search Story: Making the Worst Website Possible

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So, for this week’s assignment in Intro to Web Publishing, we had to make a Youtube Google Search Story about web publishing.

I played around with it at first, seeing how it worked, what music I could use, how it presented itself, etc. Then I got to thinking about a topic. I struggled with it for a couple of days, because I couldn’t think of anything interesting to do.

Then it came to me: how about you do one about creating a horrible website that no one would like?

So that’s what I decided to do. I picked out what I would put into a bad website: unappealing pictures, terribly boring content, annoying and horrible music, teribl gramr, and most of all, popups.

So enjoy!

Good Website Navigation

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Having a website that people can easily navigate through is essential to attracting and keeping new viewers. For this assignment for my Intro to Web Publishing class, I picked two websites that I think exemplify good navigation.

The first website I chose was from the “Clean and Minimal Website Navigation” link, and it’s called Design Instruct. It’s a website that specializes in photoshop design.  One of the first things you notice about the website is the primary menu at the top of the page, which is very easy to see with a white on black color scheme.  What’s cool is that if you click on any part of the website, the primary menu never goes away, and you can always go back to the home page with one click, something essential to good website navigation. There’s also a secondary menu on the right side of the front page, entitled “Categories”, where you can find specific content on the site if you don’t feel like searching through the archive. It’s simplistic, but simple in many cases is better.

The other website I chose was from the “Unusual and Creative Website Navigation” link, and it’s called Unstoppable Robot Ninja. It was created by Ethan Marcotte, a web designer. Of course, the first thing that drew me to the site was the awesome name and header. An important feature of it is the menu situated nicely at the top of the page, and like many other websites, it features easy navigation back to the homepage. However, what’s unique about is the sleek design, and the fact that he has countless links throughout his website, linking to many different things, whether it be his friends’ websites, his own personal website, a Wikipedia page about web standards, and even his own Twitter.  It isn’t the most colorful website ever, but it definitely exemplifies easy and unique web navigation.

My Two Sites: MLBTradeRumors and The Onion

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The first website I picked for the Intro to Web Publishing assignment is   It’s a site I visit almost everyday, and it’s probably the best baseball trade/signing/rumors website around…nothing else comes close. It has a very sleek look which is consistent throughout every page of the site. It features a large header, letting anyone who visits know what it’s all about right from the get go. Accessing the site is very easy, as there’s a menu bar near the top of the site, which gives contact info, information about the creator, widgets, archives, etc. There’s also information on the right side further down the page, which features special articles. For any baseball fan, a visit is an absolute must.

The other website, which I picked from the Webbie winners, is The Onion. It’s a satire website, which attacks politics, sports, sci-fi, entertainment, the economy, world issues, etc.  I’ve mainly read it for the “Sports” section, and I find at least one article per month that makes me laugh hysterically. The site has a very consistent color scheme and look, and navigation is very easy, due to the menu bar at the top of the site, which lists all the different sections. They also feature newer articles right on the front page if you don’t want to look for them. The only problem with the site is that the contact page is not easily findable, as it lurks at the bottom of the front page. Regardless, it’s a great site for anyone with a sense of humor.

Film Review: “Machete”

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To say “Machete” is awesome is redundant. Any movie that features Danny Trejo wielding a machete is awesome by default. But, if you add in Robert Rodriguez, plenty of hot women,  a good cast and loads of campy gore? It becomes that much more awesome.

The basic premise of the film is that Machete (Danny Trejo) watches his family get murdered right in front of him by a druglord named Torrez (Steven Seagal). The whole movie after that follows his plan to get revenge.  It also delves into the immigration debate and racism, but I won’t post any spoilers.

Yes, it does follow the premise of other Robert Rodriguez films; a somewhat serious plot that quickly delves into ridiculousness, hot women, absurd dialogue, lots of action, and lots of over-the top gore.  If you go into the movie expecting something serious, prepare to be disappointed.

As I previously said, it features a good cast: Jessica Alba as an immigration cop, Michelle Rodriguez as a taco truck salesman/immigration revolutionary, Robert DeNiro as a racist senator, Cheech Marin as a priest,  Don Johnson as a border patrol agent,  and Jeff Fahey (LOST, Grindhouse).

To conclude, it’s not an all time great film, and if your taste is highbrow, you’ll probably hate it. But, if you’re like me, and have an appreciation for campy action comedies, you’ll have a great time.


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